On July 23rd we got the privilege of sitting down with Ian Freeman and Mark Edge from the Free Talk Live podcast, they attended the first annual Anarchovegas convention and garnered quite a lineup for their show. Along with Rod Ambrissi from Eletropay.com, Larken Rose (Author of Parasites on Parade), Stuart Bullard and Doug Scribner from FlyApp.io, Lyn Ulbricht of FreeRoss.org, Anthem Blanchard of AnthemGold.com, and Jeff Berwick of Anarchapulco our very own Alexander Meyer got a chance to represent the D¢ENT way of life we’re cultivating right here on D¢ENTLIFE.io! We definitely recommend you give the full episode a listen but we won’t blame you if you want to just skip ahead to the 40 min mark to hear what Alexander had to say 😉

Topics covered: Liberty.menu (Alexander also a co-founder), D¢ENT Lifestyle apparel, NFT backed apparel, FreeRoss.org line of products, and proof of authenticity and scarcity for exclusive products.

Feel free to stay awhile and listen here or give Free Talk Live some love by following the link: freetalklive.com

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