D¢ENT Ltd.   Collection

 limited edition apparel and accessories
authenticated on the ethereum blockchain.

Behold our genesis line of members-only products.

001 | D¢ Ltd. Automatic watch

production limit: 10
Units Available: 9
Serial # .19001000
Status: soon available at auction

This custom luxury timepiece is the flagship of our inaugural series of limited edition products. Each watch is individually numbered with a serial number that corresponds with a DLtd. Proof-of-Scarcity token you receive upon purchase. It features a laser etched luminous face that’s tastefully branded with the D¢ENT and Ethereum logos. Precision timekeeping is powered by the legendary Miyota 8N24 Automatic movement finished in a brilliant gold. Please note this item is a pre-order. Delivery will begin in September 2019.

All buyers of this item are automatically
granted Level 4 membership (see below for details)


002 | D¢ Ltd. champion token dad hat

production limit: 100
Units Available: 99
Serial # .19002000
Status: Available

Some hats are, well just that, and some are a statement. Our Champion “Dad Hat” features the DLtd. token design embroidered with the unique serial number tying it to your one-and-only authenticity token. This combination proves you are the owner of 1 of only 100 of these hats that will ever be made. Add to that the world renowned quality that the Champion name is built on, and it’s clear the statement this hat makes is one of intelligence and taste.

003 | D¢ Ltd. champion crew sweatshirt

production limit: 100
Units Available: 99
Serial # .19003000
Status: Available

A wardrobe staple at it’s finest. Nobody does sweatshirts like Champion, and nobody authenticates quality collectible apparel but D¢ENT, period.  The fit and durability paired with the technological innovation of smart-contracts makes this a must have item with your appreciation in mind. We’re referring to your total satisfaction and/or appreciation of value due to the scarce nature of our D¢ Ltd. line of products. The unique DLtd. Token number can be seen emblazoned across the ¢ symbol. 

This is just the beginning. more exclusive products dropping soon!

Not a member? Not to worry!

Read on to find out more, including how to join our exclusive club for blockchain ambassadors.

You’ve discovered the first and only crypto-lifestyle
apparel brand that’s built on blockchain technology.

Every D¢ Ltd. product we release has defined and provable scarcity using a DLtd., a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. We call this practice “Proof of Scarcity”.

So if your watch is #1 of only 10 units, you can prove it with your DLtd. We believe this strategy will drive desirability and demand, while the scarcity and transferability incentivizes a robust secondary market on platforms such as, a crypto-asset marketplace.

As ambassadors of blockchain our mission is mass adoption. We see D¢ENT as a tool to harness the power of influence. Through exclusivity, fashion, social media prowess and incentive we can work together to make crypto the coolest thing out there.

D¢ENT Ltd. Members enjoy a variety of economic incentives that grant discounts, product air-drops, commission pay days, and much more. All that’s required is the shameless promoting D¢entralization. (Which you’re probably doing anyway)

Are you Ltd. material?

These products are exclusively available to our D¢ Ltd. members. We only accept those of you who desire to be influencers of mass blockchain adoption, no matter your audience size. So what does it take to become a member?

Simply complete one of the following

(If you are a social media influencer with 10k+ followers contact us for free product and instant membership.)

a) share

Own at least one standard D¢ENT product and post about it on Instagram, Twitter, GAB, Facebook, Minds or Steemit, tagging @dcentapparel #dcltd and #dcentlife (where applicable). Then message us with a link to your post for us to review and confirm.

b) trade

Purchase a D¢ Ltd. item from a reseller on the secondary market. Or snag one of our ultra-rare exclusives only found on their platform.

C) cheat

Skip A & B and purchase a member starter bundle to gear up as an elite champion for the d¢entralized future. 


Proof of Scarcity Token

Receive an Ethereum powered DLTD. You may just find your item to be worth far more when linked with it’s respective token.

Resell for a profit

Ability to resell D¢ Ltd. Items on or other secondary markets if demand exists. 

affiliate earnings

Get paid by promoting our brand, and level up to higher payouts and perks based on influence performance.

early access to new products

Gain access to our latest product releases before anyone else. Earn higher priority access by being a master promoter. 

free product air-drops

Score free ultra-limited products. You can increase your chances of being one of the lucky few based on your affiliate performance.

Be part of our community...

of die-hard d¢entralization advocates who work together to promote mass adoption of blockchain and crypto.

membership levels

There is no annual fee to become a member and this is NOT an MLM program!
Levels are unlocked based on influence performance. Once a new level is reached you will never be downgraded!


$0 to $199 in Affiliate Sales
  • 5% Commission on every sale you generate.
  • 5% off standard products.
  • Chance to receive monthly air-drop of ultra-limited products.


$200 to $499 in Affiliate Sales
  • 6.5% Commission on every sale you generate.
  • 6.5% discount store-wide.
  • 2x chance to receive monthly air-drop of ultra-limited products.


$500 to $999 in Affiliate Sales
  • 8% Commission on every sale you generate.
  • 8% discount store-wide.
  • 3x chance to receive monthly air-drop of ultra-limited products.


$1000+ in Affiliate Sales
  • 10% Commission on every sale you generate.
  • 10% discount store-wide.
  • 3x chance to receive monthly air-drop of ultra-limited products.

Enter the D¢ent Lab

A mission driven members-only community.

All members get access to our private social community features. We call it the D¢ENT LABA place for members to come together around the shared goal of driving mass crypto adoption. This platform was built to allow us to collaborate on strategies, partnerships, and projects, as well as sharing case studies and real-world examples of crypto adoption in every-day-life. 

In addition, you’ll earn “CENTS” for every engagement on the platform which you can redeem for products, coupons and more.

Are you ready to become a member
and unlock these exclusive benefits?

The best way to lock in your membership is to pick up some D¢ENT apparel and start posting.

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