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  Free Ross   Collection


  We are proud to support the free ross freedom fund.
 50% of the profits from this exclusive collection
will be donated to ross’ fight for freedom.

 Please also consider
supporting Ross directly.

 Print #1 of 10 is
available at auction

 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Free Ross Freedom Fund!

To maximize our contribution we are auctioning off the limited-edition Free Ross Portrait Print #1/10 on with all of the proceeds being donated to his fund. It is our hope that this auction will raise a generous sum and make a significant impact on his family’s fight for Ross’ freedom.

Auction opens soon.


  For a limited time,
 get a free Unltd. token
with every purchase!

Each token is a $10 value. Only 100 free tokens available, so don’t miss out.

This is just the beginning. more exclusive products dropping soon!


Just post a picture or video of your new D¢ENT item on social media, complete with the necessary tags, mentions, and backlink. Then message us with a link to your post and ETH wallet address (if not entered when placing your order.)

 If you like our unltd. products you’ll straight fomo
for our ultra-exclusive d¢ ltd. collection.

Every D¢ Ltd. product we release has defined and provable scarcity using a DLtd., a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. We call this practice “Proof of Scarcity”.

So if your watch is #1 of only 10 units, you can prove it with your DLtd. We believe this strategy will drive desirability and demand, while the scarcity and transferability incentivizes a robust secondary market on platforms such as, a crypto-asset marketplace.

As ambassadors of blockchain our mission is mass adoption. We see D¢ENT as a tool to harness the power of influence. Through exclusivity, fashion, social media prowess and incentive we can work together to make crypto the coolest thing out there.

D¢ENT Ltd. Members enjoy a variety of economic incentives that grant discounts, product air-drops, commission pay days, and much more. All that’s required is the shameless promoting D¢entralization. (Which you’re probably doing anyway)

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