Key Art Collab Collection

Key Art




This collection of limited-edition phygital goods featuring the art of top NFT projects & artists is only accessible to holders of the respective tokens. If you hold the NFT-key, connect your wallet to gain exclusive access.

D¢ENTR Network

CoLlAb No.0

Don't Buy MEME

CoLlAb No.1

Crypto Geisha

CoLlAb No.2

QR Getting Very Sleepy - D¢ Objet D'art NFT


CoLlAb No.3

Price: 1 ETh | QTY: 50

Unlock every collection for all time!

Those who wield the 5kelet0n KEY are imbued enormous power within the D¢ENT ecosystem.

Holders will get unrestricted access to EVERY SINGLE Key Art Collab product drop… Saving thousands of dollars in acquiring the necessary NFTs to access them individually.

They will also receive ultra-exclusive access to rare goods only available to 5kelet0n KEY members.

Additionally, owners of this NFT will receive 15% off store-wide for life when they use the code locked within this token.

While our Key Art collabs will endure indefinitely, only 50 of these keys will be minted… EVER!

NeVEr MiSs a dRoP!

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