NFT Friendly Wallets

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A relatively recent addition to the Ethereum ecosystem is “Crypto-Collectibles”. These are limited digital assets which can be owned, traded and sold. You may have heard of Cryptokitties. This DAPP (Decentralized App) allows players to breed cats with different traits of varying rarity. The project has done so well that a particularly rare kitten reportedly sold for over $100,000. With few exceptions, crypto-collectibles have been used solely for digital items. However, we are pioneering a new use-case for these digital contracts; Proof-of-Authenticity (UnLtd.) and Proof-of-Scarcity (DLtd.) tokens tied to Crypto-lifestyle apparel, and other real-world products.

Powering this novel use of blockchain are Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFT’s for short. If you want to understand NFT’s in greater detail this article should do the trick. However, we are not covering that today. This post serves to answer another question surrounding the use of NFTs… How the hell do you get your virtual hands on them?! Well, there are a variety of ways to take ownership of your NFT, be it a Cryptokitty, a Gods Unchained card or a D¢ENT token.

Before we dive in, it should be pointed out that ANY ERC-20 (Ethereum) wallet can hold an NFT, but not all can DISPLAY them.

Digital Wallets

These are apps for your mobile device that allow you to securely hold your cryptocurrencies, tokens, and now NFTs.

1. Trust Wallet

We quite like this option since it’s now the official wallet of Binance. Only the world’s LARGEST crypto exchange platform. Available for both IOS and Android, you really can’t go wrong.

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2. Coinbase Wallet

Chances are if you’ve heard of Bitcoin you’ve heard of Coinbase. This is has been the number one onboarding platform for most people (in our experience) to get their first cryptos. Well, they now have a wallet of their very own. They acquired the popular Toshi Wallet in August 2018 to offer the ease of holding your crypto on your phone to their existing customer base who already love Coinbase’s ease of use.

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3. Enjin Wallet

Enjin made headlines in the last couple of months when they announced that their wallet would come preinstalled on all Samsung smartphones starting with the Galaxy S10. So, if it’s good enough for Samsung, it should be good enough for you.

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4. Lumi Collect Wallet

Last but by no means least is the Lumi Wallet. We love this wallet because of their beautiful intuitive interface and direct integration with the marketplace. We highly recommend you give this app a try o store your digital collectables.

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Browser Wallets

These are wallets that are integrated directly into your browser. If you are someone who uses your crypto rather than just hodling it, these are a must. We wouldn’t recommend you use them for long-term storage, however.

1. Metamask

This wallet should be part of every crypto users tool set. It is installed as an extension through Chrome, or our preferred browser, Brave. It has a little bit of a learning curve but is ultimately quite simple. Another thing to note is that if you plan on hosting your NFT on (see below) to trade, sell, auction or just showcase it, Metamask is the way to go.

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2. Opera mobile browser wallet

Opera has been a household name in the browser department for some time. But did you know that their mobile browser has a built in ERC-20 wallet? We didn’t until we started making this list for you. We think it looks pretty good but unfortunately, it is only available for Android.

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crypto-collectibles marketplace

When it comes to an online marketplace there is one that stands above the rest. Behold…

This is the place where the vast majority of Cryptokitties change hands (figuratively) as well as all the other top crypto-collectibles. As mentioned above you will want to install Metamask to use this marketplace with ease. Best part is, you can sell or auction your rare NFT, sometimes at a handsome profit. Just try not to go too overboard buying all the cool items you will find there.

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Ready to start collecting?

With so many games to play, assets to acquire and kitties to swoon over, it’s worth the 15 minutes it will take you to get in the crypto-collectibles game. And if you want to take advantage of our unique NFT tokens we integrate with our real-world products you’ll need to take your pick of wallet. For more information on how to take ownership of our tokens, check out these instructions.

Do you know of an NFT friendly wallet we didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments below and if it looks good we will add it to the list above.

Happy collecting!

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