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Thank you for supporting our experiment in the crossover of blockchain and fashion. In just a few short steps you can verify your UnLtd. Collection purchases, unlocking an UnLtd. NFT which will imbue your items with immutable authenticity. Follow the instructions below to submit verification and take possession of your unique NFT.

What is an UnLtd. NFT?

An UnLtd. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital contract on the Ethereum blockchain that proves the authenticity and ownership of a D¢ENT Co. product from our UnLtd. Collection. It is digital property granted only to the verified owner of the item.

We use ‘Social Proof’, also called ‘Proof-of-Authority’ as the method of self-certified authentication. This process not only proves that your item is genuine, it also gives you the exclusive right to resell that item on secondary markets such as OpenSea.io.

Additionally, we keep a database of all authenticated items along with their respective attributes (i.e. Size, Color, etc.). Since UnLtd. NFT authentication is optional only so many products will be verified. Combine that with the ‘natural-selection’ of product variants and you have a recipe for some items to become rather scarce.

NFT authentication may be added to each UnLtd. Collection product in your order at an additional fee of $10*. Note that some products such as stickers do not have the option to add a token.

*Price is subject to change based on Ethereum network fees. We try to keep token prices as close to the cost of minting as possible.


 Follow these steps to authenticate your purchase and receive your UnLtd. NFT:
  1. Upon delivery of your order, ensure that the product fits and/or is as expected. Once the token is issued for that product it cannot be returned and can only be sold on the secondary market.
  2. Post a picture of you with the product on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flote, Minds, GAB, or any other social network. Tag our account wherever applicable and include our URL, dcentlife.io.
  3. Fill out the form on this page with all requested information. Ensure your ETH address is for an NFT enabled wallet, otherwise your token will be lost in the ether. See below for a list of approved wallets.
  4. Allow us time to verify your purchase and process your token. It will be deposited into your wallet within 5 business days, at which point you will receive an email confirmation of the deposit.

Submit your token request here

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* Indicates required fields.

Can I Authenticate more than one item?
You sure can. Any and all items purchased at a time can be authenticated together by using the Order Number. Items not purchased together must be submitted separately. When posting your social-proof make sure all items are in the image, or multiple images are linked to the single post.
What Wallets can receive my Unltd. nft?

Any of these ERC721 enabled wallets can house your UnLtd. NFTs.

  • D’Cent Wallet
  • Metamask
  • Lumi Collect
  • D’Cent Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Opera Browser Wallet

(Want to recommend other wallets? Tweet, Flote or GAB at us.

can you feature my photo?

We’d LOVE to! Featured posts will be seen for a period of time throughout our website, on category pages and the respective product pages. We may also share your shots in social media posts.

To be featured just put a little effort into the quality and composition of your shots. The more creative, authentic and/or professional looking the post the more likely we are to want to share it with the world.

To NOT be featured include a subtle dash ( – ) at the very end of your post. While not all posts will be featured, by submitting your verification we’ll assume you’re cool with us reposting your image.

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