Welcome to the 4th Bitcoin Epoch,
ushered in by the 3rd block rewards halving.

An era that will see crypto and decentralizing technologies reach new levels of mass adoption, making NOW the perfect time to introduce D¢ENT Co.

This post is your introduction and invitation to join us.

We at D¢ENT Co. are setting aim at becoming the preeminent Crypto-Lifestyle brand. Our products and programs are designed to engage those who embrace the new paradigm, providing them with tools to sharpen the image of the crypto-industry until we pierce through the resistance into the mainstream.

As of today, May 12, 2020, we have released Series No.1 of our UnLtd. Collection and initial collaborative sub-lines for purchase world-wide.

To celebrate this event we are offering 10% off store-wide for the first 100 customers. Just use promo code “welcome2thedcentlife” at check out.

D¢ENT Co. UnLtd. NFT Series No.1 Animated GIF

Our UnLtd. Collection is a selection of casual apparel and accessories with no production limits. However, each item may be synced with an UnLtd. NFT, immutably registering the socially authenticated item to its rightful owner on the Ethereum blockchain.

By virtue of size and color variations of each product sold, scarcity within the line will emerge. Couple that with the inevitable discontinuation of each item and we have a recipe for apparel with collectible demand, and quite possibly, speculative resale value.

These NFTs will soon become available to all of our UnLtd. Customers. Starting now through July 12, every UnLtd. item purchased is eligible for a free authentication token. Customers will be notified with instructions on how to take custody of their token when our NFT AirDrop program goes live.

In addition to the release of our inaugural line, we have also partnered with two organizations to design and manufacture exclusive UnLtd. sub-lines.

The Free Ross Collection was designed in support of the Free Ross Freedom Fund, to raise money and awareness for Ross Ulbright.  He founded of the Silk Road, a website that resulted in a life sentence. 50% of the profits on every Free Ross product sold will be donated to his fund to help him one day achieve clemency.

The Flote Collection serves as the official merchandise for Flote.app, the Bitcoin-enhanced, free speech social network. We believe in the platform they are building and have agreed to join forces in a cross-promotion campaign to help one another reach a wider audience.

All of the products in our collab lines are UnLtd. in nature and will be able to benefit from NFT authentication.


There’s so much more in development that we can’t wait to share. In addition to our NFT AirDrop program, we will soon be releasing details for our limited edition line of fine goods, called the DLtd. Collection. We are also excited to announce a new hybrid membership/governance program dubbed the SHA/DAO Alliance.

We look forward to outfitting the crypto-community and being a resource for achieving new levels of public engagement.

Please take a few minutes to peruse the UnLtd. catalog and join our email list to be the first to know about our new releases and forthcoming announcements.


Alexander Meyer
Creator of D¢ENT Co.

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