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D¢ENT designs and manufactures limited-edition real-world goods with provable scarcity and authenticity on the Ethereum blockchain. Our platform addresses issues facing the crypto and blockchain industries, as well as segments of the consumer goods market through the reimagining of how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be used.


Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 a new and entirely disruptive industry has emerged. At first, it was just for the most technical minds who realized it’s vast decentralizing potential. Blockchain, at this time was not sexy and the world ignored it. Then came ICOs and coins/tokens of all sorts traded on exchanges. Those savvy enough to navigate the convoluted processes of obtaining and trading new coins became millionaires and in some cases billionaires. While the unfettered extravagance and obnoxious moon-lambos that emerged from this time were certainly sexy, blockchain still was not and the world scoffed at it.

In 2018 that party came to an end, many ICOs lost their cookies and the ensuing hangover only intensified. But the geeks kept buidling and the strongest among us kept hodling. Over the next 18 months the fundamentals and use-cases only grew and the world began to learn that blockchain was not going anywhere.

Now the market has reawakened, the tech has found new footing and the world is once again watching. Now it’s time for blockchain to find it’s groove. Now it’s time for decentralization to become sexy.

This is not an ICO and D¢ENT is not a typical tech company, per se. We are in the business of fostering a lifestyle while providing a technological solution that the blockchain enthusiast community will embrace, crypto-influencers can benefit from, and facets of the consumer goods industries will realize they need.

D¢ENT is taking aim at becoming the preeminent lifestyle brand in the crypto and blockchain space, and offering our special brew to other brands who can greatly benefit from the solution we’ve crafted.

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