We have identified three fundamental problems that our brand thoughtfully addresses. Two of these problems exist in the crypto space at large, while the other exists across various niche sectors of the consumer goods space. We will start with the latter.

A. It is immensely difficult to prove the authenticity and rarity of desirable, collectible and often counterfeited products such as Supreme apparel, Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches. Many companies have been exploring innovative ways of authenticating their products, but at great cost. Only recently have a few companies such as Nike looked to NFTs to solve this problem, but there are no significant rollouts to mention thus far.

B. There is a glaring lack of quality lifestyle brands in the crypto community, and as it grows this becomes more obvious… and more needed. Bad design and poor quality limits the credibility of this otherwise world-changing industry. Like skateboarding in the 90’s, it was the advent of popular lifestyle brands that helped bring it from a subculture to the mainstream.

C. The prevalence of scammers, bots and opportunists throughout social media inhibit true and well-meaning influencers from informing and inviting in the next wave of crypto users. This poisoning of the well makes it difficult for influencers to monetize their attention as they have to work harder to overcome viewer’s skepticism, and compete with overprotective social media platforms who regularly penalize crypto-creators who are broadly painted as bad actors.

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