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Exclusive products for MEME NFT hodlers.


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The UnLtd. Collection is our first line of NFT enhanced apparel using optional self-certification to authenticate and issue a

tradeable and resellable proof-of-authenticity NFT. UnLtd. products are not limited-edition, but those that have been authenticated are.


  NFT authenticated
fine goods

Coming Soon

The DLtd. Collection is our line of ultra-limited decentrally manufactured high-end goods.

Each item comes with a unique NFT containting cryptographic proof of authenticity and scarcity.

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free ross collection

Raising awareness and money for Ross Ulbricht.
50% of profits go to the Free Ross Freedom Fund!

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The Bitcoin enhanced social network.
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who & what is d¢ent co.?

  Maximalists and
Advocates, Rejoice!

D¢ENT Co. aims to be the preeminent lifestyle brand for the crypto-empowered. Created by Invisible Hand Design as a solution to the apparent lack of quality crypto-lifestyle goods, it incorporates NFT tokenization technology in a way the emerging sub-culture will truly embrace. We aim to offer clean, bold and thought-provoking designs to promote blockchain adoption and decentralization through casual fashion, high-end accessories and sophisticated decor.

built to bring blockchain
into reality.

We are pioneering the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for real-world goods. Our platform ties smart contracts to limited edition and collectible items, serving as “Proof-of-Authenticity” and “Proof-of-Scarcity” tokens.

Think “Certificate of Authenticity” but immutably written to the Ehtereum blockchain.

In addition, we utilize special NFTs to issue exclusive partnership perks only available to these token holders. As the D¢ENT brand grows, so too does the value and inherent benefits tied to these tradeable authenticity and membership tokens.

Powered by a community
of influencers.

The world of crypto is powered by true-believers. It is incumbent upon these believers to educate the masses to finally usher in a more decentralized future.

D¢ENT seeks to empower individuals to spread the word, create value, and look damn good while they do it. With this in mind, we have created a platform of reciprocal value where influencers of any size can drive demand of our ultra-exclusive products while creating a passive revenue stream via partnership programs and resale opportunities.

In other words, D¢ENT is a new monetization model for anyone with an audience.

 Micro Mfg.
of fine goods.

certified for authenticity & scarcity on the ethereum blockchain.

 About the

Alexander is a creative professional and entrepreneur with a passion for building. Throughout his career, he has built brands, websites, products and teams under various banners. As of late, he holds dual roles as a creative leader. One as VP of Experience at Flote, and another as the founder of Invisible Hand Design; A Southern California based Brand and Product Development Studio.

D¢ENT Co. was devised as an experiment leveraging an opportunity seen within the emerging crypto-subculture. His objective, to align his career with one of the things he’s most passionate about; Decentralizing technologies.

“Nothing is more exciting than living in a time where technology and culture are at a nexus of permanently changing civilization… Except of course, for taking part in influencing that change to tip towards the side of a freer and more prosperous world.”

( BTW, I’m recruiting! )

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