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Powered by influence.

Inviting all crypto-enthusiasts & influencers to

 Join the d¢ent
launch event.

Inviting all crypto-enthusiasts & influencers to

 Join the d¢ent
launch event.

Launching in t-minus








We are scheduled to go live in conjunction with the biggest crypto-industry event of 2020…

The Bitcoin Halving.

Between now and May 13th we will be regularly releasing new details about our products, programs and vision for manifesting a more decentralized future.


 Live the

 Micro Mfg.
of fine goods.

certified for authenticity & scarcity on the ethereum blockchain.

  Maximalists and
Advocates, Rejoice!

D¢ENT is the premier lifestyle brand for the crypto-empowered. Created by Invisible Hand Design as a solution to the apparent lack of quality crypto-lifestyle goods, it incorporates tokenization technology in a way the emerging sub-culture will truly embrace. We aim to offer clean, bold and thought-provoking designs to promote blockchain adoption and decentralization through casual fashion, high-end accessories and sophisticated decor.

built to bring blockchain
into reality.

We are pioneering the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for real-world goods. Our platform ties smart contracts to limited edition and collectible items, serving as “Proof-of-Authenticity” and “Proof-of-Scarcity” tokens.

Think “Certificate of Authenticity” but immutably written to the Ehtereum blockchain.

In addition, we utilize special NFTs to issue exclusive partnership perks only available to these token holders. As the D¢ENT brand grows, so too does the value and inherent benefits tied to these tradeable authenticity and membership tokens.

Powered by a community
of influencers.

The world of crypto is powered by true-believers. It is incumbent upon these believers to educate the masses to finally usher in a more decentralized future.

D¢ENT seeks to empower individuals to spread the word, create value, and look damn good while they do it. With this in mind, we have created a platform of reciprocal value where influencers of any size can drive demand of our ultra-exclusive products while creating a passive revenue stream via partnership programs and resale opportunities.

In other words, D¢ENT is a new monetization model for anyone with an audience.

 What’s in store.


Pre-Launch phase

Q1 – 2020

Invite/On-board partners.
Design product collections.
Perfect NFT system.
Open memberships & pre-sales.
Build community.


Beta phase

Q3 – 2020

Release NFT wallet.
Expand product offerings.
Launch collaborations.


Breakout phase

Q1 – 2021

Host 1st annual Crypto-Influencer conference.


Launch phase

Q2 – 2020

Launch event.
Product release.
Issue membership tokens.
Unlock influencer community platform.


Expansion phase

Q4 – 2020

Ramp up marketing.
Introduce greater partner resources.
Seek growth capital.



D¢ENT designs and manufactures limited-edition real-world goods with provable scarcity and authenticity on the Ethereum blockchain. Our platform addresses issues facing the crypto and blockchain industries, as well as segments of the consumer goods market through the reimagining of how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be used.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 a new and entirely disruptive industry has emerged. At first it was just for the most technical minds who realized it’s vast decentralizing potential. Blockchain, at this time was not sexy and the world ignored it. Then came ICOs and coins/tokens of all sorts traded on exchanges. Those savvy enough to navigate the convoluted processes of obtaining and trading new coins became millionaires, and in some cases billionaires. While the extravagance and lambos that emerged from this time was certainly sexy, blockchain still was not and the world scoffed at it.

In 2018 that party came to an end, many ICOs lost their cookies and the ensuing hangover only intensified. But the geeks kept buidling and the strongest among us kept hodling. Over the next 18 months the fundamental and use-cases only grew and the world began to learn that blockchain was not going anywhere.

Now the market has reawakened, the tech has found new footing and the world is once again watching. Now it’s time for blockchain to find it’s groove. Now it’s time for decentralization to become sexy.

This is not an ICO and D¢ENT is not a tech company, per se. We are in the business of fostering a lifestyle while providing a technological solution that the blockchain enthusiast community will embrace, crypto-influencers can benefit from, and facets of the consumer goods industries will realize they need.

D¢ENT is taking aim at becoming the preeminent lifestyle brand in the crypto and blockchain space, and offering our special brew to other brands who can greatly benefit from the solution we’ve crafted.

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We have a clear vision of how we’ll become a major player in the global shift to a more decentralized future as the preeminent crypto-lifestyle brand.

Over the following weeks we will be releasing sections of our Whitepaper, explaining our vision in detail. The idea is to break it into digestible chapters that we can share across social media.

sneak a peek

Shirts & Outerwear

Hats & Accessories

Home & Office Decor

High-End goods

News & Articles

Anarchovegas: D¢ENT Chat With FTL

On July 23rd we got the privilege of sitting down with Ian Freeman and Mark Edge from the Free Talk Live podcast, they attended the first annual Anarchovegas convention and garnered quite a lineup for their show. Along with Rod Ambrissi from Eletropay.com, Larken Rose...

The Free Ross Collection is Here!

We at D¢ENT are both proud and honored to support the Free Ross Freedom Fund, dedicated to achieving clemency for Ross Ulbricht. That's why we've created the FREE ROSS Collection of apparel and art prints. This line of products as a tool which will allow us to donate...

NFT Friendly Wallets

There are a variety of ways to take ownership of your NFT, be it a Cryptokitty, a Gods Unchained card or a D¢ENT token.

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